We are a naturopathic clinic with a nutritional-oriented focus that deals with dietary changes, supplementation, botanical medicine, physical medicine approaches including the Bemer (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab8HaLipKI4), lifestyle counseling, intravenous nutrient therapy and homeopathy.

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The science of vibrational physics offers a theory which, when applied to factors like water, plants, chemicals and electromagnetic fields, and how they affect the human body, makes perfect sense. As simple as it sounds, it is the theory that everything vibrates. It is common knowledge to any physicist that everything vibrates; from the nucleus of an atom to the molecules of our blood, our brain, sound, plants, animals, all the way into outer space. And the interactions of these vibrational fields can have profound effects.  Once this basic principle is understood, everything suddenly becomes clear.  For more clarity on this subject, check out  www.blindedbyscience.co.uk.

By interpreting this vibrational information through various techniques, it is astounding what can be learned about contributing factors to an individual’s dysfunctional health, and more importantly, what can be done to start restoring balance again.  This restoration of balance is the primary focus of the clinic, with the knowledge that all levels of the body, mind and soul affect our total health and well-being.