What to Expect During a Consultation

With Dr. Guillemin:

Dr. Guillemin will begin by reviewing intake forms and will perform a full clinical intake, along with any pertinent physical exams. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are utilized as a method of providing internal diagnosis. Based on the doctor’s assessment a diagnosis will be provided, whereupon a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed.
In the case of cancer, it will be similar to a typical initial appointment, however these cases tend to require more time as more medical documents often need to be reviewed. An immediate, comprehensive action plan is crucial in these instances.
Dr. Guillemin understands that for many patients with cancer, there are a lot of questions that don’t always get answered during short visits with medical specialists. He wants to ensure there is enough time to answer all questions and that all treatment recommendations are clearly understood.


With Dr. Amell:

In the appointment, Dr. Amell will address your health concerns with you, and make use of the ETAScan, to help determine likely root causative factors as well as a specific action plan involving nutritional protocols.  At times, when he sees fit, he will also make use of accessory tests, including but not limited to saliva or urine tests to be sent away to special clinical laboratories, or refer for thermographic imaging.

Usually, at the end of the appointment, supplementation recommendations, as well as a personalized list of food guidelines, is provided.  This detailed food list takes into account all of the information gathered at the appointment, as well as the latest research on how specific foods affect certain specific health conditions.


Either doctor may often recommend treatments with the Bemer device as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab8HaLipKI4

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) as a vehicle to deliver a specific pulsed therapy that increases circulation in the small blood vessels, which make up about 75% of our circulatory system. Increase in circulation to the cells helps to better deliver nutrients, red and white blood cells and oxygen more efficiently delivered to the cell. Also, waste from our normal cellular function are more efficiently removed. This allows the body to function more optimally, build stronger tissue and more effectively heal itself.

Used for 15 years in over 4,000 hospitals/clinics in Europe – the technology is now in joint development with NASA for use in future space suits. BEMER was developed in Germany and has are over 50 medical publications showing benefits. There are many PEMF medical devices but the patented BEMER has been shown to be most effective. The BEMER is approved as a Class 2 medical device by Health Canada and as a Class I medical device by the FDA for the following indications:

  • General enhanced circulation/blood flow
  • Enhanced nutrient supply and waste disposal
  • Enhanced cardiac function
  • Enhanced physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy level
  • Enhanced concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation
  • Enhanced quality of life

In particular, you should try the BEMER if you have any of the following issues:

  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain such as low back, neck or joint pain
  • Poor wound healing due to peripheral vascular disease or diabetes
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Anxiety or depression or ADD

And importantly, there are no side effects.